Jody Carr: So, here’s some things I know about inclusive education; segregation and congregation based on disability label equals abuse more times than not, always has been and always will be.

Cecile Sullivan Elder: The reality is that many children continue to be segregated in to different learning environments from their peers and this is regardless of the strong evidence that supports full inclusion.

Professor Roger Slee: Incidences of parents having said to them by a Principal, by a School Administrator, that their child would be better off at the school down the road.

Jihad Dib: But what you can’t do is you can’t force a mindset, but you can change a mindset and once our mindset is actually about the first principles of education, which is that every single person deserves the very best and the opportunity and the support then we are on the right track.

Robert Stokes: Which is about valuing everyone, which is about acknowledging there is difference in society and there will always be difference in society but creating pathways to ensure that everyone is included, that everyone is valued and that everyone is treated with equality and respect.

Alistair McEwin: If we are to have a truly inclusive society we are going to need accessible education or inclusive education and it is not the person who is disabled, it is the barriers put in place by society

Loren Swancutt: Successful inclusive schooling is not a destination; it is an ongoing process of thinking and doing that requires great commitment

Professor Roger Slee: School reform rather than the merging of ‘special’ with ‘regular’.

Gina Wilson-Burns: To do this we’re gonna need political leadership, were gonna need education leadership, and were gonna need family leadership

Cecile Sullivan Elder: Courage and a collective forward motion.

Jody Carr: The right to an education is the right to an inclusive education and it’s possible.

Loren Swancutt: Be determined to not let the limitations of our system become the limitations of the students.



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